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Metro Foods is a food brokerage marketing company focusing its business on the East Coast. Our company guides manufacturers of various sizes and managers their day-to-day business in the Northeast. The company has been personally responsible for some Regional and National Brands success in the country. Various components go into launching products and businesses in the marketplace we can help.

A commitment to customer satisfaction is further supported with an efficient, automated current food brokerage computer software and reporting system. This system allows for high efficiency in order processing, item tracking, and yearly sales comparisons.


We provide a well thought out marketing and sales approach for the marketplace. Details such as product placement, pricing, and promotions are discussed in detail to assure success in the marketplace. Our team processes the knowledge to bring success in a competitive atmosphere here at Metro Foods. Through our knowledge of Market Trends and Consumer Preferences we are able to guide our Principles/Vendors to strengthen Product Assortments offered staying competitive and successful.

Retail Services

Our Retail Team provides the support needed at store level through weekly territory coverage travelling to retail loacations. Our Retail Specialists assume ownership of their territories providing a comprehensive approach to guarantee that all components of the sales and marketing strategies are met at store level. Our Retail Team are Merchandisers who are Professional Amabassadors for our Vendor related product assortments.
Our Retail Ambassadors merchandise our brands through plan-o-gram execution and shelf space management. They ensure pricing and promotional compliance as well as new item placements at store level. Our Retail Team develops and maintains excellent relationships among all department managers and store personnel. Through the use of daily and weekly retail recaps and competitor activity surveys, our Retail Team provides effective communication to our Sale Team on a weekly basis which allows the transparency and insights needed to strengthen our relationships with our Customers.

Sales Support

Metro Foods Ltd offers comprehensive Sales Support across all aspects of our company. Our experienced Sales Team collaborates closely with our Principles/Vendors to devise tailored sales plans aligned with objectives and consumer preferences. Through consistent call frequency, our Sales Team ensures the implementation of customer expectations and goals. We work in partnership with customers to design effective promotional strategies aimed at maximizing sales growth and profitability. Our Customer Service Administrators deliver personalized support to ensure exceptional customer experiences. Additionally, our Sales Administrators play a vital role in promotional planning and sales analysis, contributing to the efficiency of our processes and the success of our Vendors and Customers.

Analytics & Insights

Our company provides an analysis of the marketplace to give our manufacturers the best opportunity for success in the marketplace. In using tools such as IRI, Circana, and Neilson, information is available for the right market approach. Through the use of internal and external sales data, we are able to work with all parties involved to ensure resources and tools available provide components of programs with successful end results. We have a team of Sales Administrators working closely with our Sales Team in all resources of analytics. Let us do the research and analytics to make your brand stand out in the marketplace. Be sure you’re making the best decision for your business here at Metro Foods.


Bringing a brand into the marketplace is an important part of selling a brand or product. Consumers need to see, feel, and taste products to make their buying decisions. It is up to the manufacturer to present their products in the best way to gain a consumer’s confidence. Through our expert marketing and attention to detail approach, we provide our clients with the right approach. Each of our valued retailers has different Customer Marketing Platforms for their business which include various vehicles of social media. All opportunities can be discussed in detail for the best marketing approach for your company. Let us help you choose the best marketing approach for your products at the best value for your budget which will in support and increase your products’ visibility and success in the marketplace.
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